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Just Installed Vista and Got In Trouble

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Recently i looked Vista Beta in my company and was impressed by it’s looks. Got Vista Beta anyhow and installed it in my machine. I had windows XP installed on my machine. Vista told me that it move XP to windows.old directory and I agree on that. Vista is installed and troble started.

  • I had Asus motherboard and Vista could not detect my audio driver.
  • It could not detect USB ADSL modem.
  • Vista is changed the explorer from XP explorer in such a way that it would take very much time to make used to it.
  • Left bar of explorer is very annoying.
  • Could not install software into my Pocket PC as I was doing in my XP machine with ActiveSync.
  • Could not connect my bro’s sony mobile to pc. May be software is not compatible to Vista.

The only thing i like about Vista is it’s login screen and security. It asks about running some program even in Admin mode. I then come to conclusion that it is not right time to install Vista. SO LETS GET BACK TO XP OS.

Even installing XP is also troubled for me as I have SATA barracuda harddisk of Seagate and window could not detect it. I just search for XP with SATA and come to the page which shows how to slipstream you xp setup and make bootable cd. I tried 2 CD and it wastes. Nothing worked.  Then at the end I brought floppy and install my XP back. Wat a relief. Thank God and Microsoft as they made such a great system.

While reading slipstreaming, i come to the software that i liked most and must to mention here is nLite. Great concept. It makes bootable cd with inclusion of everything which comes after os like service pack, updates, drivers etc. Did not delve into so much about that tool but I suggested it to my company’s network administrator.

Wat a hot and annoyed weekend it was with Vista :(.


Written by Manish

December 12, 2006 at 2:45 pm

Posted in Tools

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