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SlickRun – Run Fast In Life

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I was thinking about time where I was launching the application in going to the menus and submenus , sometimes with lot’s of mouse clicks, sometimes going to the folder again and again etc. But thanks to the SlickRun and Bayden for such a fantastic piece of software. And above all providing it free to the users. This really saves my lot of time at the end of the day and yes frustration too 🙂


I have analyzed lot of launcher tools and I could only find out that the SlickRun is the best tool for launching the functionality which you use frequently.  As the concept of the slickrun is functions can be remembered/launched by using keywords, it is good to remember. Even in tray icon launcher we sometime miss it or need to click more than once. But with slick run …. Its the experience that I would suggest everyone to use.


The one Launchy can be compared to SlickRun but it is indeed a different concept and working on indexing technology.  Currently on my system I have installed both. Because when I want to make some folder and it’s subfolder as keywords, that I could not do with slickrun. That is possible with Launchy. It’s Fast too.

Now, the great thing is that V4 or SlickRun is under development and I am eagerly waiting for that version.  I have also suggested the same functionailty as launchy is providing. But let’s see. Otherwise I am just thinking of making tool that would generate the keyword and it’s related directory setting file automatically so that no need to add manually. May be functionality like add startmenu programs to SlickRun. Add Full Folder with subfolder to slickrun etc. But let’s first see what V4 provides us.

Thanks Bayden & Launchy Team

If anybody have such kind of application, feel free to comment it so that people can save their valuable time running around computer for finding or executing a task.


Written by Manish

December 14, 2006 at 8:43 am

Posted in .NET, Time Saver, Tools

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  1. Would you please remove that Snap preview thingy if you want people to read your blog.

    A Nonny Muss

    February 28, 2007 at 8:44 am

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