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Restored Pocket PC & Installed Software To It

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I have installed too many software and suddenly my HP IPAQ Pocket PC moible stop starting. I amazed at that and hard reset my PDA device. Now it’s new device and need to install all again. I hope microsoft or other people support hard-reset into operating system :-).

I have installed following programs into my Pocket PC. They are very useful in general.

  • Opera Browser
  • Resco Explorer
  • Somphy Player
  • SPB Finanance
  • VITOMobileDownloader
  • SpaceMaker
  • Microsoft Reader

Now, taking my backup to install NADIOT DISPLAY on my HP IPAQ. As the problem starts when I have installed this on my pocket pc last time. But it is indeed a great application and it’s working. I don’t know if that was it’s problem of other issue in that.

Also I am great fan of SPB softwares. They are producing sucha cool tools for Pocket PC you would love it.

For pocket PC i found one forum where you can find many software may be useful or not related to you. But worth to take a look.

That’s all right now. Now i am going to one of my friend’s marriage 🙂 Enjoy!!!


Written by Manish

December 15, 2006 at 6:55 am

Posted in Pocket PC

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