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Maxthon – Best Browser Experience Untill Now

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There are many browser I have tried but none is comparable to Maxthon for the simplicity and it’s time saving feature. As per me, it is the best browser untill now.

Basically they have 2 browser running currently. For more information, click on the link.

I suggest you to download maxthon 2.0 beta and try out following features to save your time from this excellent browser (Please note that this browser is based on internet explorer).

  • Mouse Gestures
  • Ad Filtering add on (This you need to download from Maxthon plug-in)
  • Super Drag and Drop (used by me maximum time i think)
  • Great skinning support
  • We can assign alias to website (e.g. mail ->
  • We can assign shortcut keys to website
  • We can setup group of website so that on one click we can open up that group.
  • Last but very useful feature is Boss Key. It is very useful to launch maxthon from tray. When you press CTRL+` then maxthon goes to tray bar and pressing again open up Maxy window.

Please try it out once and you would never leave it. I am using it from last 6 month. There are some flows in Beta but when they are ready to launch, I believe it would be great.


Written by Manish

December 17, 2006 at 4:01 am

Posted in Time Saver, Tools

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