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Style.Display what should i use block or table-cell

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Currently I am implementing the IFRAME in my one of the project. When I use block and render it in Internet explorer, it works fine and show me IFRAME at desired position. But in Mozilla it renders it in the middle of the screen at arbitrary position.

As I am not setting it’s position, Mozilla took the position from somewhere( dont know from where 😦 ) and display it in middle of the screen which i do not want.

I googled and found out the table-cell attribute for display property of style. When I set that property, it works fine in the Mozilla but IE5/6 do not support that.

So I decided to go with block in IE and table-cell in mozilla. Why the hell this type of problem arising, why IE not supporting table-cell. 😦


Written by Manish

January 1, 2007 at 11:58 am

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