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Subsonic DAL Generator – Great Experience With First Example

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Wanted to tryout subsonic on my machine. I had viewed demo and I was interested in reviewing the library made by the subsonic team. I was amazed by the library when I made first sample project. there are 4 little steps to start with and I am done with basic DAL. Amazing 🙂

  • First you make ASP.NET project and add the subsonic DAL DLL into your projects as a reference.
  • Change the web.config file as per configuration or take it from subsonic sample.
  • Change the connection string to point your database. (BTW it can also use Enterprise library as back end instead of SqlProvider)
  • Add .abp file (With any name) to App_Code folder and Compile !!! That’s it.

Yes. That’s it. Isn’t it marvelous. Unbelievable when I first saw it.

I made sample with Northwind database and I could make pages within half an hour of coding.

If you do not have any performance constraint and project is of 2 or 3 months or may be you want to deliver it very fast then you should use this subsonic dal. As it’s name suggest, it is very fast…really.

You can get full tutorial on Scott Kuhl Website.

Now, Following is the issue while considering subsonic :

  • There are two ways to use subsonic. Build Providers or Generated Code. Build Provider is easiest way to use subsonic but there is one consideration. Subsonic work on Build providers will not work in a medium trust environment, they need full trust. This could be a problem if you plan on having someone else host your web application. Most hosting providers are not set up to run in a full trust environment. As a work around, there are two class generators provided in the SubSonic Starter Kit, which will be covered in detail later, that output code in text form that can be included and compiled directly into your application. It’s a good idea to check with your hosting provider before beginning a SubSonic project.

If you have any queries regarding subsonic, i will love to resolve it. Please post it here…


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January 19, 2007 at 6:49 pm

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