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AJAX Framework and Librarey for ASP.NET

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Just searching for the AJAX Framework and found some which are as follows:

Client Side Framework : Following framework uses javascript for ajax functionality




Server-Side Frameworks: Following framework are ASP.NET framework

MagicAjax is a panel-based, changed-HTML framework that makes it easy for you to add Ajax functionality to your ASP.NET applications. The architects of MagicAjax created a framework that integrates into your application with a light touch. Once the site is configured to communicate with MagicAjax, most Ajax functionality can be achieved by adding a MagicAjax Panel to the page. You do not have to inherit from a base class, nor are there any custom controls to declare. Other than adding the MagicAjax Panel to your page, the ASPX and code-behind code is unchanged from how you would write your pages in the traditional postback model.

Although the Anthem.NET framework features panels and a changed HTML architecture, you also have the option of using custom controls and returning data structures to the client. Anthem.NET is architected to use page Register directives instead of forcing you to inherit from a base class, and you are not required to implement preprocessing to harness its power. Anthem.NET truly represents the best of both worlds.

AJAX for ASP.NET from Microsoft
What can i say for this 😛


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March 1, 2007 at 2:27 am

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