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Free ASP.NET Controls – Free Custom Controls For ASP.NET

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Flyout Control (ToolTip Control)
You can use this control as to show tooltip or you can use this control to show flyout or dynamic html while clicking on or

focus on any control. For demo, check the following url.

Panel Control – Strip Control (Can say Tab Control)
This control is really nice to show the different panels, Filmstrip, slide show, shopping show, live quotes, quick news etc.

You can show pictures or different panels into it. really usefull control. just see it working on the following url

SuperButton Control – Image and Text Button
When you require to show image and text in the same button at same time this is the control you are looking for. see it on

following URL.

Basic Slide Menu – XP Style navigation bar
This is the control which you can see in the left side while nevigating my computer on windows XP machine. it can slide for

the suboption. just look at it. Basic version is free for use

Free HTML Editor
FCKEditor is widely used and almost all browser supported control. You can use it as HTML editor in your project.

Excentrics WOrld ( Calendar, Collapsable Panel, Faq, Masked TextBox, Multiline ListBox, Numeric Box, List Transfer, Time Picker)
Excentric world’s control are really useful controls. We are using Calendar control extensively. Other control also can be

used wherever required.

MetaBuilders Control ( DIV Combobox,Confirm Button, Dual List Box, Dynamic ListBox, Expanding Buttons, Expanding Panel, Custom File Upload, Linked ListBox control, Scrolling Panel, UpDown controls)

Metabuilders controls are of 1.1 but it can be used in 2.0 as well. These controls are with source code so that you can modify the controls. There are many controls but i have mentioned some of the good one as above)

Free TreeView Controls
SquishyTree control is free control with the source code. You can download it from here below.
Others :

Free GridView Control
I haven’t seen it but its free with source code :P.

Free Tab Control
A rich Tab web control which provides similar capabilities as the well known windows form tab control also contains classic tab control.

Max Input Multiline Text Control, Keep Focus , One Click Button (All ajax control built on top of ajax for

ASP.NET Captcha Control
We need some verification for form submit then this control is useful

Validator/Validation Controls

Please post it here if you have any useful controls which are free


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