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Some of CMMI Terms

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We have just started working on CMMI 3 in our company. So just reading a book. I found one good section which is called CMMI terms. So posting same here.. Will post more from this book as i read through it.

Before we begin, there are two very important concepts that need to be discussed:

  1. Implementation

  2. Institutionalization

Implementation is simply performing a task within the process area. (A process area is an area defined by the CMMI as an area that organizations should focus on — such as Project Planning or Configuration Management. It is a set of related tasks that address an area of concern.) The task is performed according to a process, but the action performed or the process followed may not be totally ingrained as part of the organization’s culture.

Institutionalization is the result of implementing the process again and again. The process has become totally integrated into the organization. The process will continue after those who created it have left the organization. An infrastructure to support this way of doing business exists and provides support for the process and the individuals following it.

Other definitions that might prove helpful include:

  • Development: the Construction phase of a life cycle, including Maintenance.

  • Project: activities and resources necessary to deliver a product to the customer. A project is not just a software project. A project can also consist of many projects. The term “program” is not used. A project is also expected to have a start and end date, with a formal project manager assigned.

  • Product: a service or system or tangible output delivered to the customer.

Thanks To : Auerbach – Interpreting The Cmmi – A Process Improvement Approach – 2003 – (By Laxxuss).chm


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