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Expression Blend : Appearance – WPF Tutorial #6

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Hope you liked all previous 5 post. If you directly come to this post, just read the previous posts.

Now, open User Guide that comes with Expression Blend and goto Appearance section. We learned the drawing part that is how to draw and work with different shapes and paths. In this article, we will work on Appearance that is looks of the shapes and controls.

There are different properties by which you can set the looks. Following are list of properties

Fill & Stroke : is used for shape/path and it is for filling the shape or changing border of the same respectively
Background, Foreground & BorderBrush: is similar to Fill and stroke but it is used for the control.
Opacity & Visibility : is for making control/shapes/path transperent.

You can change the values from Properties section. Following are the images…

Similar window is used for editing shapes properties. Following are the different option for brush. There are No Brush, Solid Color Brush, Gradient Brush, Tile Brush. We can use Image Brush and Pattern Brush also. The Brush is sued to set all the above properties.

For Color/Pattern/Brush copy, you can use Eyedropper and Paint Bucket. You can try it from microsoft blend.

Gradient :  Gradient brush can be applied to any control/shape. There are linear and radial gradient brush. You can create one shape and use both gradient which is displayed in bottom of gradient brush section. Also to set the Gradient, you can use .

Bitmap effect: You can use different bitmap effect for making object more attractive.
  You can use None, Blur, Glow etc option fo the same. Please put one shape, give gradient color and try all options from it.





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October 16, 2007 at 3:02 pm

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