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Expression Blend : Layout – WPF Tutorial #8

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From user guide, I skipping the 3D and Media part as it is not as useful at current level. Now, we move on the Layout part of the Expression blend.

Layout is used for laying out different controls on the form. In WPF, they are known as Panels and Containers. Following are panels and container which is used in WPF as layout controls:


Grid contains the row and column for the layout. You can make rows and columns into the grid layout and use same to laying out different control’s which aligned to rows or columns.

Canvas control is similar to old window’s form control. All the control’s resides in canvas has relative X and Y position. It is used for the fix position in the form/page.

In the Dock panel, control’s are always dock to edges defined in the properties.

Stack panel arrange the controls in one line. The middle point of the controls are aligned to either horizontal or vertical defined in properties of stack panel.

Wrap panel is similar to HTML page. It arrange child control from left to right position

When you put controls/shapes/path in the panels, it is displayed as layers drawn. They are numbered in Z-Layer. You can use Bring To Front, Bring to Forward, Send To Back etc function on right click of the control for laying out the controls as you wish.


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October 18, 2007 at 1:31 pm

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