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Effective Communication really needed for success

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I have just figured out from experience that there should be effective communication in everything you do. Also, this communication somehow reach to the end as it is without modification. But as in all organization, there are people who modify the things according to their own need :). Wow.. Money matters buddy…

I just find out one good article which discussed the same…

The purpose of communication (to engage in the act of information exchange) is the fulfillment of one’s physical or emotional needs. If you are tired, you start asking around for a cheap hotel.

The effectiveness of the communication is determined by the quality of the communication channel, the quality of the interaction, if you will. If there is noise on a channel, the effectiveness of communication reduces.

The risk of noise on a channel is determined by a need to cheat, and the opportunity to cheat.

The need to cheat arises when there is scarcity; when you get in direct conflict with others when trying to fulfill your needs. If the entire village is competing for the same bed, asking around will probably sent you in the wrong direction.

The opportunity to cheat appears when information can be manipulated, when it is possible to provide wrong information on purpose. If information is not clear, complex or ambiguous the opportunity to cheat increases. When there is no way to verify information, when it is difficult to get feedback the opportunity increases also. ….. (And so on. For full article, go to  Purpose Of Communication- What Is It Good For-)


Written by Manish

April 16, 2009 at 7:28 pm

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