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SQL Server 2005 installation problem – Error 1053 (Error in setup) – Multicore CPU issue

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For resolution to this specific error.

You need to install first SQL Server 2005 on blank machine. Install SP3.

Now, goto Binn directory of installation, take both the file mentioned in KB and keep it.

Now, start installation on the machine and when error occurs, dont quit. On dialog of retry, just overwrite both the file on Binn directory and then retry. It works for me.

If you dont have two PC, i think you should install blank SQL Server SP3 and copy the files.

Written by Manish

September 4, 2010 at 11:49 pm

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  1. I have another solution for you.

    SQL 2005 < SP2 won't install on system with cpu/cores amount that are not a power of 2.
    To set your system to force cpu/cores to be a power of two, set the following 2 things before installing SQL2005 < SP2

    in your environment variables set: NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS=1/2/4/8 (pick one amount)
    and set the following switch in boot.ini: /NUMPROC=1/2/4/8 (pick one amount, same as "NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS=").

    now reboot the machines, lowe and behold, you'll run on 1/2/4/8 cores, which are powers of two. You can install sequel without having to slipstream SP3 or do other funky stuff.

    Install SQL 2005. reboot, install service packs, reboot, remove env variables and boot.ini switch, reboot.


    Bram van der Heijden

    June 3, 2013 at 3:09 pm

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