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Session expire in the same site due to different type of access (could be wrong access of data)

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We were working on the project and we have one issue.

User access site with and in the same project we have some hardcoded URL which we need to put (Sometime in life you find some issue which you could not change due to time limitation and other priority work).

Now, when we first started fetching the site, it has one session. But when url called from code, it creates new session and when we goto next page, we have entirely new sessionstate parameter. And so, all old sessions which are connected to the website when we accessed the page are gone.

And due to that we got the null in all session paramater.

We wrote a code in global.asax that all the request which is accessed without www will be 302 redirects and goto

We lost good amount of quality time into this project. Hope it would help.

If anybody has better solution, you can post it here.

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Written by Manish

September 24, 2010 at 7:19 pm

“ASN1 bad tag value met” error when processing a certificate request in IIS 7 Or upgrading UCC SSL certificate problem

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We require to upgrade the SSL certificate as we added one more website to UCC. The issue is how can we upgrade the certificate when more website added.

Step 1: Add SAN and get the certificate from authority

Step 2: Using following URL steps (option 2) – Install intermediate certificate ( search google for installing using MMC certficate snapin.)

Step 3: Using following URL to install certificate in Personal>Certificate folder. Also repair the certificate using command line to assign it private key.


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Written by Manish

September 22, 2010 at 8:25 pm

Using FTP Virtual Host Names – Single user multiple website on single server in IIS

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There is one case when we have IIS with multiple website hosted and we need to assign ftp to each folder for single user.

Following is article which shows how to setup the ftp and the access mechanism:

If you face any difficulties in the ftp and getting error, you can verify the logs of ftp to see detailed information:

Written by Manish

August 25, 2010 at 5:17 pm