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Tesseract OCR Library – Successfully compiled in Window :)

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Today, I got the project to make OCR software. After googling, I reach on the conclusion to use Tesseract library. This library is opensource and available in both Windows and Linux. This library is provided with Visual Studio project. I have compiled it with the .NET and also Visual Studio 6.0. This creates tesseract.exe. Which is successfully run on my pc. It converts the tiff image into the text. Though not perfect but we can use it in our project.

If anybody wants the instruction please mail me or post your queries and question here.
Updated on 20 Mar 2008
Following is the link which my compiled code

Also google updated and provided tesseract code which is on following link

Updated on 5 Jun 2008

Following are the links which may be useful for compiling under .NET. I haven’t tried it still.


Updated on 23 Mar 2009

I believe that following URL will resolve all your issue. This ocr is updated on 14th April 2008. I think you should give it a shot 🙂

Updated on 05 Oct 2010

Now, Tesseract 2.04 is available with the compiled source code in Visual C++ 2008 Express edition on
Even 3.0 (Preview 1) is released with windows executable which you can use in .NET externally and convert in text.


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